A Drive Babiye Summer on Shymbulak

We have great news for you!

We are launching some promotions for a warm “babiye” summer!

Promotions will change every week, so stay tuned for the news

14.09-18.09.2020 “A Drive Babiye Summer”

Purchase a ticket at the cashier office for the “A Drive Babiye Summer” tariff package and get a ride on the gondola “Medeu-Shymbulak + Medeu” + 1 attraction of the Alpine Park adventure park with a 20% discount.
Do yoy want to experience the feeling of weightlessness? Heavenly swing “Pendulum” will give you an unforgettable feeling of flight!

Want more extreme? Then “quick jump” is for you – popular attraction all over the world.
Want to overcome your fear of heights?
Easy! Suspension “Bridge” – a real adventure at heights awaits you.

Think you can climb to the top yourself?
“Climbing wall” will help you prove it!

Tariffs for the package “A Drive Babiye Summer”

Packages Adult Youth Children before 10 y/o
Medeu+Shymbulak+Medeu+ Fall Alpine Park 4 800 ₸ 4 000 ₸ 3 200 ₸
Medeu+Shymbulak+Medeu+ Pendullum Alpine Park 4 400 ₸ 3 600 ₸ 2 800 ₸
Medeu+Shymbulak+Medeu+ Bridge Alpine Park 3 600 ₸ 2 800 ₸ 2 000 ₸
Medeu+Shymbulak+Medeu+ Climbing wall Alpine Park 3 600 ₸ 2 800 ₸ 2 000 ₸


* Alpine Park attraction is NOT allowed for children lower than 140 cm

*The discount applies only when purchasing a package

*When buying the “Youth” tariff, you must have an original identity document with you

*Tickets for the trip to the direction only “Medeu-Shymbulak-Medeu” are included in the promotion


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