The dream to fly up and conquer the vast expanses of the fifth ocean – this is one of the most common human desires. We are pleased to announce that at the Shymbulak mountain resort we will make your dream of free flight a reality.

Flights are carried out in tandem (two-seater paraglider) with a pilot-instructor. Entertainment is available year-round, depending on weather conditions. Starting altitude 3200 meters.

Important to know
  • The flight starts from the Talgar Pass to the Shymbulak station;
  • Flight time – from 15 minutes;
  • Travel to the Talgar Gorge is not included in the price of the service;
  • Passengers weighing from 45 kg to 120 kg are allowed;
  • Persons under the age of 18 are allowed with parental permission;
  • It is advisable to take comfortable warm sportswear, gloves, high waterproof boots.
Gift to the flight
  • Memorable photos and videos from GoPro.