Changes in the regulations of the resort

Friends, we have important news!

As part of the requirements of the interdepartmental commission on the operation of tourist facilities and on the reduction of the number of visitors of the same facilities, this weekend the resort will work in the following format:

1) The maximum number of guests staying at the resort is 1000 people.

You can buy tickets online at

Shymbulak complies with sanitary standards and safety measures in pandemic to reduce the risk of getting coronavirus.

2) 08.11.2020 all cable ways will work ?

Remember to keep a distance of 1.5 meters and wear a mask ?

Hope for your understanding!

We all want our beloved Shymbulak to be 100% ready for the new season, right? ?

Have a nice weekend friends 🙂

With love and care,
Shymbulak Mountain Resort❤️

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