Leashes are mandatory for snowboards

Leashes are mandatory for snowboards

For safety reasons, snowboarders WITHOUT a snowboard leash are NOT allowed on the slopes of the resort.
How to use a snowboard leash?

1. Turn your snowboard upside down
2. Tie a strap to your snowboard
3. Attach to your leg
4. Start strapping on your snowboard

The use of snowboard leash is strictly mandatory while on the slope❗
If you do not have a safety strap (leash-insurance), you can buy it in the city sports shops or in the resort shops. Price in Shymbulak Store – 1200 tenge 🙌🏼
A lost equipment on a slope, a snowboard or skis, is a great danger for skiers. When speeding can cause injury to visitors.
We remind you that careless infliction of harm to health, depending on the severity of the harm, is punishable by a fine of 80 to 2,000 MCI or arrest from 20 days to imprisonment for up to 2 years in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Always remember that your safety and the safety of others is paramount!
With love and care,
Shymbulak Mountain Resort

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