Shymbulak Ski Club

Shymbulak Snowboard & Ski Club – is engaged in the popularization of snowboarding and skiing in Almaty and educates professional athletes.

It was founded in January 2014 with the support of the Shymbulak Ski Resort. In this short period, the number of pupils has reached more than 30 people.

Here you can
  • engage with professional trainers;
  • competently ride and be fluent in skiing and snowboarding;
  • participate in children’s starts;
  • develop self-confidence;
  • find harmony with yourself and your body.

The club operates year-round, conducting training to maintain your child’s athletic shape.

Winter period
  • skiing and snowboarding training;
  • training at the high-mountain sports rink “Medeu”;
  • training at the gym;
Summer period
  • hiking;
  • swimming;
  • exercises on a trampoline;
  • mountain biking;
  • football;