Resort operation algorithm


Dear guests of the resort! ? As part of the complicated situation with the spread of COVID-19, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of Almaty

A number of measures were recommended for the resort to prevent the spread of coronavirus and to control sanitary requirements. At the moment, the following rules for visiting Shymbulak have been approved:
• Operating mode of the cable cars: DAILY without day limits ?
• Compliance with the mask regime at all facilities of the resort
• The temperature of visitors will be measured before visiting and should not exceed 37 degrees
• Compliance with a social distancing of 2 m between visitors at all facilities of the resort
• Boarding in cable car cabins reduced to 4 people (families are allowed to board more than 4 people)
• Restrictions on the number of guests at the resort on weekends – 2000 people❗
• Every Monday restaurants will be closed until 14:00 for disinfection

Dear guests, we ask you to comply with the existing requirements so that everyone has the opportunity to relax in the mountains with us ? Do not forget about weekend restrictions and plan your vacation in advance!

Your Shymbulak.

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