Results of the competition – “World Snow Day”

Winners in the category of 5-6 years (boys):
1st place – Saitov Nazar (30.09 sec.)
2nd place – Sidorov Arseniy (32.69 sec)
3rd place – Vladimir Stepanov (33.68 sec.)

Winners of the category 5-6 years (girls):
1st place – Pasechnik Elizaveta (32.87 sec)
2nd place – Bildebaev Diana (38.90 sec)
3rd place – Arunova Ayana (39.66 sec)

Winners 7-8 years old (boys)
1st place – Shaposhnikov Arseniy (27.12 sec)
2nd place – Baymakhan Akhmetzhan (27.33 sec)
3rd place – Shevchenko Denis (29.12 sec)

Winners of the category 7-8 years (girls)
1st place – Samodelkina Rimma (27.00 sec)
2nd place – Kulcheva Alena (31.25 sec)
3rd place – Anastasia Ushanova (33.87 sec)

Winners 9-12 years old (boys)
1st place – Edalov Klim (32 sec)
2nd place – Begimbetov Allen (32.83 sec)
3 place Artem Kravchenko (33.34 sec)

Winners of the category 9-12 years (girls)
1st place – Gaisa Naila (29.88 sec)
2nd place – Mukhortova Sofya (34.60 sec)
3rd place – Isabekova Rania (37.78 sec)

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